Capture invoices in seconds, not minutes.

A browser extension that saves the time and effort you spend entering data manually.

For Suppliers

Linker ensures your work is always uninterrupted, without having to use multiple apps.

Our patent-pending solution enables you to complete your accounts payables tasks from within the context of your existing work.

Scan, match and create!

Designed to help you do more, faster.

Scan invoice

Scan the invoice while in your inbox. Linker will capture all vendor and invoice information including line items.

Step 1

Once scanned, Linker will match the bill to the appropriate vendor from QuickBooks. If the vendor is missing, no problem Linker will add it.

Send Invoice for Approval (Optional)

Add the email addresses for the people you would like to approve each invoice.

Match Vendor

Step 2

Double check the captured invoice information, from header to line items, then automatically add it to the accounting software.

Create Bill

Step 3

Linker works seamlessly with top accounting systems to provide you state-of-the-art solutions.


Ready for Linker?

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