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Remittance Advice
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Remittance Advice

Can I manually send a remittance email for the payments I had made before I connected Remittance Linker?

No, this is not supported yet. Please let us know if you would like us to implement this feature.

What if I deleted a payment but the email was already sent?

Send a follow up email to the vendor explaining that the payment has been removed manually.

How do I sign my vendors up?

We’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step with our 4-step wizard once you connect Linker. As soon as your vendors are set up, they’ll start to receive remittance information for the bills you pay.

Invoice Capture & Approvals

How are default tax rates set in the browser extension?

Default taxes are set reflecting the setting in your QuickBooks Online. E.g. out of scope, exclusive or inclusive.

What if I receive an invoice with no tax on it?

You can set the invoice to 'out of scope' from within the extension.

Does the browser extension support invoice classes?

Yes, if your accounting system settings include classes, it will be reflected within the extension.

How many approvers can I have on each invoice?

As many as you require in your process. Approver's order is determined by the order in which you add their emails in the browser extension.

What if I received an invoice from a new vendor?

The browser extension will allow you to add a vendor to your QuickBooks Online.

General FAQs

What data does Linker store?

Linker will track:

• Vendors associated with your QuickBooks account

• Bill payments made from QuickBooks to vendors

Does FISPAN store my company’s ERP data?

Linker uses and stores ERP data about vendors and bill payments in order to provide detailed remittance information to your vendors.

Is Linker available on other systems?

Linker is only available on QuickBooks Online today, but look out for us on other systems soon. Feel free to let us know what system you’d like to see by emailing us at

How do I update Vendors and their emails in Linker?

Update or add an email to a vendor in your QuickBooks account. Then reload Linker to see the new emails. It may take a few minutes to see changes to your vendors in Linker.

How do I delete my Linker account entirely?

You can cancel your Linker account at any time. Simply click the "Disconnect" button from within your account, then press "Delete Account". This will remove any information stored by Linker about your account. Also, you will be unsubscribed from the service and will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

How do I report a bug, request a feature, or contact support?

FISPAN offers full support for the Linker product (email, ticketing, phone calls, slack channel). Our support hours are from 8am until 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

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